Intimacy Coaching Services

Education and Coaching in
Aliveness, Pleasure, Connection
Voice, Choice, and Touch


Intimacy with Self

Coaching and/or Body Work

Your Pleasure is a powerful source of creativity, healing, and joy. 

Healing can bring about clarity and empowerment in all areas of life.  

Discover and Explore Your Pleasure

Your Yes, No, Maybe, Slow, Pause

Invite Your Erotic Self to Play

Where you feel stuck, 

Where you feel unsure,  

Be Curious.

Where you feel Uninspired,


Higher, Broader, Deeper.

Where there is

pain, numb, grief,

Allow it, Be with it.

Where you feel unseen,

or alone,

Be Witnessed.

Intimacy starts with you and

Your Relationship with Yourself.

Available as Online Video Coaching Sessions and 3 hour In Person Intensives