Why is PiV sex so important, or is it important at all?

I hear frustration and confusion from men, often, (and sometimes from women) when a women seems to have no, or little, interest in PiV sex (aka intercourse, aka penis in vagina sex).

I recently had a whole conversation about this....

and want to share some common experiences, and reasons (not that she needs one), why a woman might not be focused on, or even interested in PiV.

A few things that might not have occurred to you:

1) for her, It's not the best or main way she experiences pleasure or orgasm. She can access pleasure more easily and more reliably other ways - like different kinds of touch - hands, mouth, toys, and more.

2)It is painful or uncomfortable for her.

3)She doesn't feel much sensation with PiV, and/or pleasure is minimal. And yes, she might choose to explore this and create changes here, but she may not and that is awesome - follow your pleasure.

4)PiV is literally one of hundreds of things you can do to create pleasure and orgasm.

5) She is curious about or focused on discovering all of those hundreds of other things.

5)Orgasm is literally one of hundreds of ways to experience pleasure, intense pleasure, and she interested in all these possibilities more right now.

6)She may be honest with herself in acknowledging that, at this time, or with this person, PiV is not the best option for her (maybe trauma, maybe safety)

7)PiV can get boring and repetitive for some folks.

8)She doesn't want that level of intimacy with you right now


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