Somatic Sex Education

What is It?

Learning, practising, and integrating trauma-informed Touch and Embodied Pleasure.

Honoring of the role of Erotic Energy in our Bodies and In our Lives.

Accessing the Joy and Power of Erotic Energy.

Innovative Healing and “Whole-ing’.

Who is it for?

You want to experience more pleasure

You want to expand the ways in which can experience pleasure

You want to learn to engage your relaxation nervous system

And better understand your Fight/Flight/Freeze Nervous system

You want to begin undoing patterns of stress and trauma response

You want to enjoy sex more, or simply start to enjoy it

You want to learn to play erotically with yourself, your sex partner(s)\

You want to explore orgasms

You want to explore self pleasuring

You want to better understand your body

You are experiencing numbness or disconnect

How can it help me?

Creating more Pleasure pathways can impact your body experience of pain

Pleasure positively impacts your Well Being

Pleasure activates your brain

Positive Touch and Pleasure calm the nervous system

Pleasure and Stress cannot exist at the same time

Pleasurable sex positively impacts your overall health and well-being

Befriending your body can create less pain

Feeling less isolated

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