Somatic Movement

What is it?

Clinical Somatics was developed by Thomas Hanna; neuromuscular education.

Somatic Movement relieves chronic pain and prevents recurring injuries by re-educating the nervous system. Somatics uses slow, gentle exercises, to release involuntary muscle contraction.

Most chronic pain, recurring injuries and joint degeneration is caused by the way we use our bodies. The way we sit, stand, move, day in and day out, throughout our lives.

Our Nervous system is responsible for telling us how to use our bodies; which muscles to contract, when to release them, how to hold our bodies. The more we repeat these postures, or move a certain way, the more deeply learned that muscular pattern becomes. If we have learned patterns that can damage our bodies, eg, sitting hunched over a computer, we need change these patterns, we need to re-educate the nervous system.

Somatics engages the nervous system in an active learning process of very slow, focused conscious movements. It teaches the nervous system how to release chronic muscles tension and move in natural, efficient ways, with no more pain or damage to your body.

NOW, imagine integrating pleasure into these practices.

Movement, touch, sound, sensation that is pleasure focused, from all the research I have read, pleasure allows our nervous system - patterns of movement and holding - to shift with more ease and the re-learning sticks!

I encourage you to give it a try today. Move mindfully, with pleasure.

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