Self Love as Pleasure and Play

Updated: Jan 27

I share client stories in my business networking group to help others understand what this work can look like. Here is one I shared recently:

Woman in 40’s, single parent, with 5 kids.

Our work together started with me as her personal trainer, years ago.

Today we work together on her capacity for self love.

Her thinking and beliefs around self care remain problematic for her.

In that she denies herself her basic needs.

And as a parent, this pattern is emphasized.

We focus on the actions that she takes on every day,

To love herself. To take exquisite care of herself. To honor her body and soul.

It is heartening to see her growing capacity for pleasure, play, and love.

This work can support folks who feel stuck in the weight loss cycle and extreme lifestyle regimes, and is ready to step off the roller coaster.

This work can help a parent who finds their self at the bottom of their priority list over and over again.

This work can support anyone who finds their voice disappears in their relationship.

This work can support someone who has forgotten how to play.

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