Pleasure is your Birthright

We are designed to experience pleasure. We have an entire nervous system offering unlimited pathways to pleasure. Pleasure is healing, creating feel good emotions and hormones, and encourages human connection. Pleasure directly impacts our nervous system, shaping us, guiding us into calming and grounding, awakening and enlivening. Sometimes life experiences have us living in fight/flight/freeze/appease. Some of us have a hard time getting aroused at all, waking up and enlivening our body. Pleasure has inherent value, and is revolutionary in a world where doing and achievement are the focus. Life begins here, with touch, with Pleasure. I invite you to learn with me.

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I've noticed a trend in circles and communities who are up to Pleasure Practices. A trend where things can get serious real quick, and the play, vitality, and fun aspect disappears. Almost as if play