Pleasure for the FUN of it!

I've noticed a trend in circles and communities who are up to Pleasure Practices. A trend where things can get serious real quick, and the play, vitality, and fun aspect disappears. Almost as if play is not welcome or not worthy. I am aware, and respect, that many people take on pleasure practices to heal, and that healing can feel and be serious and significant. I have found my way to this pleasure arena myself, in part to heal. For me pleasure is part of how I feel fully alive in this world.

While honoring each individuals' experience and intentions is an integral part of Somatic Sex Education, we welcome all paths.

And, today I want to focus on pleasure for the fun of it!

Pleasure for the sake of pleasure. Inviting play and vitality.

This can be a challenging practice in itself. How long can you stay with play?

How often do you hear play and fun dismissed as 'light", of lesser value and lesser importance.

Have you picked up on the surprise when you declare that you are here to play?

As if fun and play are only for people who are unwilling to go deeper in their personal work.

Maybe it is a blind spot for many of us?

I am here to remind you that pleasure and play has its' own birthright in our souls.

For the fun of it is equally valid.

Out of curiosity is equally valid.

Play is equally valid.

Fully alive is a valid intention.

In Intimacy coaching, vitality is a goal for many of the people I work with. They are choosing to learn to live beyond survival, beyond recovery, beyond struggle, beyond striving, beyond 'should', beyond 'I cannot continue to live this way". Not, in order to be a better wife, mother, father, friend, but for the sake of play, for the sake of pleasure.

I recently heard a mental health professional say (paraphrased) that it isn't that you can't stand being alive any longer, it is that you can no longer stand not fully living.

Pleasure and play allow us to become more fully alive as a human being and as a soul. To move beyond normative living, which is actually often, ironically, what we are healing from.

Respectfully, I will note that many of us are actually not able to connect to pleasure or play, for different reasons. and that is okay. Not having access to pleasure or play is not lack as a human being, it is simply what is so.

Pleasure as play and vitality need not be a goal for you.

But if it is, I am here to validate you. Play for the sake of play. Allow pleasure to be play, often.


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