Pleasure First Well-Being

What is it?

It's a choice to orient towards pleasure, often, even always. And to allow yourself to step outside of the dominant concept of work, strive, and hard .... working for your health, working on your relationship, working on your healing.

Orienting towards pleasure means you get to choose movement that feels good, is fun, and doesn't feel like work. It means you get to choose food that is divine, excites you and feels good in your mouth and your body. It means you get to heal through pleasure, in your body, not your mind (although there is value here too). It means you get to Be acceptance, of what is, and not have to change anything. It means you get to do, or not do; be or not be, as a fundamental human right, because you exist on this earth, you are worthy. No earning, no striving, no grinding, no 'in order to', no doing or being this to get love, no not doing/being that to keep love.

One practice that I have found invaluable in my choice of pleasure first, is mindful erotic practice. I'll write more about this soon.

Simply noticing where I am striving and looking with curiosity what my be joyful, pleasurable, peaceful or arousing.

Here's to Pleasure and Play, may they be plentiful and accessible, and on purpose, in your life.

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