Orgasms are Good for Women's Health!

We've probably all accepted that orgasms are good for us in a general sense.

Did you know that orgasms and the fluids they produce are lymph fluid?

More specifically, female ejaculate.

I was learning more about this recently and wanted to share it with you.

“The lymphatic system does several jobs in the body, including the collection of waste materials from our tissues. The lymphatic system acts as a filtering agent and supports strong immune system response.” Tinari and Jesse outline, continuing with, “Toxins are believed to be involved with the early formation of cancerous tissue. It is imperative that these toxins be continually removed through the body's veins and lymphatic vessels. When these toxins are unable to exit the body properly, the possibility of cancer increases."

Tapping many sources, Dr. Tinari developed an 8-step system of lymphatic massage for breast tissue health and a simple, but effective system to encourage the discharge of large volumes of lymphatic fluid through G-Spot stimulation and female ejaculation.”

Here is the link to the full conversation:

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