Mindful Erotic Practice Group Experience

Bringing mindfulness to your erotic experience.

The focus is not on specific movement, poses, or patterns. Rather, we use breath, movement, sound, touch, placement of attention, and setting of intentions to weave into our self-pleasuring practices.

This is an opportunity to connect to your solo/personal erotic practice in a loosely guided, communal space. Free from outside stimuli, like porn and fantasy (though we absolutely love those!), explore your body, sensation, and pleasure from head to toe with no rush or agenda.

In this space, folks can connect to their bodies, pleasure, and eroticism outside of a reciprocal, partnered experience; and as they move through the processes of healing, growth, and/or aging.

As this is a loosely facilitated experience, and it is taking place online, together but separate in terms of physical space; we ask that ensure you can participate safely, and with respect and voice for self and all participants.

We practice twice per week virtually.

Email Lara at if you are curious to learn more.

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