Couples Erotic Practice

Why Mindful Erotic Practices?

Slowed down, mindful, present, intentional, somatic.

Because.....the juiciness.

Grounded, solid, full body pleasure.

Clarity, on purpose, sensation.

Exploration, discovery, more.

Imagine your body telling you what is next, what would bring more pleasure, because you are moving slow enough to listen. The space for your voice on loud speaker, clear what you want, and what is a no for today.

Imagine inviting your partner to touch you exactly the ways you want to be touched. What would that be like for you?

Imagine your partner, breathing, with you, witnessing, listening, so they can touch you, or not, exactly how you want.

I used to believe that hot, juicy, mind blowing sex with a partner required intensity, fast, furious, super heightened arousal so that I can almost not keep up. That it required explosive, bang, breathlessness, and risk. Yes, sex like this can be fantastic. Some couples get to experience this and some may never experience this kind of sex. This is what a lot of people call passion. and I definitely support you to experience this as often as you like.

But consider this,

I discovered mindful, somatic, touch. I discovered exactly what I like. I learned to ask for it (still am learning). Touch that is nervous system changing pleasure. Pleasure beyond my genitals, beyond the script that I knew for memorable sex, beyond goal oriented, beyond foreplay, beyond 'I must orgasm', beyond 'intercourse is the climax'.

Something I can not unlearn and wouldn't want to.

Slow and 'all the time in the world' is a gift I recommend you allow yourself, and your relationship. Time to allow you each to experience exactly what you desire. To slow down to the speed of trust.

Setting intentions, creating a sacred space, setting your energy in motion, mapping body sensations, noticing your emotions, introducing touch and sensation that is new to you, and choosing to take time to savor it all.

These are skills and practices that all couples would be wise to develop. An Intimacy Coach, Somatic Sex Educator, and some Sex Therapists can guide you in this path as lovers.

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