An Argument for Life Long Self Pleasure

Oh boy. I have written this post twice, and twice erased it accidentally. I've decided perhaps it was not meant to be shared as written.

The gist was my gratitude for discovering pleasure, the direct pleasure of skin touching skin, very young. This led to a youthful self pleasure practice, and so many things I liked.

Which contributed to a sex positive self and the willingness to (more often than I'd realized) claim my pleasure, take what I wanted, and explore in my young adult years.

Which created the foundation for a healthy sense of self. Even with family and life traumas, there was already the roots of who is me. There was already the knowing of self, consent, pleasure, and relationships. There was already wisdom and my worthiness.

The world can try to teach us otherwise, but if the community of pleasure explorers who I have come to know is any example, we never stop becoming, we always continue expanding our full self expression, and we stand over and over for love.

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