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The Intimacy Coach

Your Body, Your Self, and Your Relationships



I help You to Navigate Your Relationships, Cause Intimacy, and Ignite Your Sex Life.

Beliefs and Assumptions of Intimacy Coaching:

Intimacy starts with Self.

Voice and Choice are Embodied.

You are Loved, Whole, and Fluid.

Generosity, Authenticity, and Responsibility is Intimacy.

Practicing in Real Life is how we create a new normal in our lives.

What You can Expect ...

Education and Practice

that is playful, whole person, embodied, and life affirming.

You can expect to be Seen and be Heard.

You can expect to be accepted and acknowledged.

You can expect to be gently supported to choose:

your explorations;

your experiences.

You can expect to move forward at your pace.


For Individuals, Single and Coupled.  For Couples Together.

Services Available Online and in my Studio

Located on Vancouver Island BC Canada

Covid Protocols in Place


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